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Need to calculate Cost Basis, Wash Sales and Date Adjustments?
Need to automate Extracts, Imports and System Integration?
Need to calculate Cost Basis, Wash Sales and Date Adjustments?
For Private Fund Managers
Current nd Prior Reporting...

Need to Generate Tax Reports ASAP? TradeAccountant Pro-CB is a powerful desktop solution with a Cost Basis adjusted 1099 extract and tax report generation tools (8949 and Schedule D). You can import a single account or multiple accounts.

Customers use TAPro-CB to import transaction data (for example: Charlotte) review and edits data, then export a file with wash sale adjustments ready for import to Wall Street Concepts and 1099 generation.

We also have customers that use TAPro-CB to reconcile complex accounts and generate 8949 reports for high networth clients - as a service. Contact us and schedule a demo or download the free trial.

1099 Data and Tax Reporting Services At Your Finger Tips...
Each year trust funds and brokerages generate 1099 data and mail .pdf documents to account holders. However .pdf documents are impossible for most account holders to import into tax software.

TAPro-CB enables you to generate trial balance tax reports and tax software ready data files (.csv and .txf) that account holders seek during tax season. TAPro-CB creates an opportunity for you to call existing and new potential clients to offer a personal touch that distinguishs your customer service. See the sample reports above.

Import Transaction History...
Start your evaluation by downloading a free trial of TAPro-CB, allowing you to maintain data privacy. TAPro-CB includes an import filter for loading transaction data. If you have questions call us or send email. We will help with data import and provide suggestions.

Calculate Wash Sales and Cost Basis...
We offer a regulatory cost-basis solution providing the functionality necessary for compliance with EESA cost basis regulations under Code Sec 6045 (1099-B and consolidated reporting).

Our engine permits firms to add EESA-compliant wash sales capabilities to existing portfolio accounting systems with no changes to current software. Our solution integrates via data files.

    Sampling of Cost Basis Tools:
  • Wash Sales Date Adjustment
  • Wash Sales between accounts (on/off)
  • Wash Sales within an account (on/off)
  • Cost Basis File Extract with TaxLotID
  • Wash Sales and Cost Basis Summary Report
  • Short/Long Wash Sales Scenario Preference
  • Wash Sales Holding Period Method: Date or Days
  • Show Original Dates or Adjusted Dates in Reports

Export Cost Basis to a 1099 Solution...
When you are ready to export live data and manually test steps with your 1099 reporting solution, contact us and obtain a "Cost Basis Extract" license key. TAPro-CB includes a custom designed extract that includes all of the fields necessary for 1099 Cost Basis reporting.

Toolbox (Reconciliation and Reports)...
TAPro-CB is an accounting companion, with reconciliation tools designed to provide insight into complex transaction history. You now have a tool at your fingertips that enables you to import transactions, reconcile a 1099, review wash sales calculations, generate cost basis extracts and print ..PDF tax reports. Print reports with Original Trade Dates or Adjusted Dates to help explain the effect of cost basis adjustments.

This is helpful when servicing high net worth clients who appreciate timely reconciliation services. You can reconcile their accounts and send them files on an as needed basis. TAPro is used every year by brokerages, active traders and tax advisors to calculate cost basis, generate tax reports and export to tax software.

    Sampling of 50+ Tools:
  • 8949 Tax Report
  • 4797 Tax Report
  • 6781 Tax Report
  • Schedule D-1 Tax Report
  • Export to Tax Software (.txf)
  • Lot Matching Editor
  • Performance Report View
  • Transactions List View
  • 1099 Reconciliation Wizard
  • Gain/Loss Reconciliation Wizard


The TradeAccountant Team, a personal touch....
Henry Gage, Jr. founded the team in 2001 and has dedicated over 15 years developing custom financial services solutions. We analyse requirements, design algorithms and build test cases for market leaders (more details provided on request).

A primary advantage of working with our team is the opportunity to leverage experience, subject matter expertise, business relationships and code. You gain the certainty of working with experts. Get started by using TAPro-CB and contact us at any time for expert assistance. Depending on the size of your project, I will work with you as the project manager and include other team members/partners.


Free Trial Key

Free trial license key: tempkey-cb. Also see this page for helpful notes ... Trial Keys

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You could finish the work yourself using TAPro-CB.

Or Contact Us and arrange for a free evaluation of your data file. We will suggest next steps toward a solution that meets your needs.

TAPro vs. TAPro CB

TAPro and TAPro-CB have the same Wash Sales engine.

TAPro is for usage by active traders who need to reconcile their own accounts and generate tax reports (with across account wash sales).

TAPro-CB is for usage with multiple clients and includes additional Cost Basis extracts designed for usage by Trust Funds, Brokerages and Finance Professionals.

What Customers Say

  • We found the team at TradeAccountant to be professional, responsive, and eager to assist with our custom development needs. They fully understand the software interface and the underlying wash sale and cost basis accounting concepts. - Susan E. (President Mission Management & Trust Co.)
  • TAPro was very helpful when doing taxes. The use of the schedule D format and being able to show exact profit and loss was invaluable. Highly recommend TAPro to everyone - Edward C.
  • Wash Sale transaction handling is a complex accounting issue. TA software was the solution that addressed our reliability and efficiency concerns. - Susan E. (President Mission Management & Trust Co.)
  • Being an active trader, I am not sure what I would do without TAPro desktop. The quarterly and year end process would be much more difficult. - Michael

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