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I. The Basics
To get started, visit Supported Brokers. This page contains brokerage specific tips for Account Setup and Sync and File Import. Then return to this page for help with Reconciliation, Report settings and Export to tax software.

To maintain high value prices we rely on email support. If you send email please mention your brokerage and if the questions is related to data import, include a copy of the file. If you need someone to finish reports for you and post them for convenient download, notify us and we can make arrangements for you to obtain help from a tax adviser (services billed separately, they can do your tax report or your entire tax return.

II. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
III. Solutions to Specific Situations
TAPro automatically creates tax lots of similar display symbols in the same account if the opening trade is before the date and time of the closing trade. When you view a Tax Report, TAPro selects the tax lots that are closed within the selected calendar range. TAPro includes tools and utilities to improve the quality of your data. Below are studies of specific issues that may appear depending on the quality of your data.

IV. Reconciling Options
If you used Sync or imported data using a .OFX or .QFX file then the data includes underlying option details like strike price and expiration date. Otherwise you need to edit the option symbols table (using Edit/Symbol(s) Add/Modify...) and added the expiration dates for each option. Also use this dialog to correct Expiration Dates for Options.

If you find Journal Out transactions and they are associated with Options they are reminders and should be deleted (See Transaction Screen, Display View: Journal Out). In this case delete the Journal Out Reminder transactions and use the Options - Automatic Exercise/ Assign/ Expire dialog (see Tools/Options - Automatic Exercise/ Assign/ Expire) so the trades will appear on your tax reports.

If you want to process Options Manually select the options and choose Right Mouse, then follow the instructions.

V. Reconciling Journal Events
Journal Out transactions are associated with a particular opening position (Buy or Short Sale).

If a Journal Out reminder is for a stock then choose a open position and Journal the recommended amount out (you can also use Right Mouse while focused on the transaction to show the menu, then choose Journal Out). Alternatively click on the reminder transaction and it will offer logical choices of appropriate reconciliation actions.

Remember to look at the Transaction View, Display View: Positions and Corporate Events to see if the Journal event makes sense. Sometime there is confusion in the downloaded data associated with these events (unintended duplication) and all you need to do is delete the reminder events if the position balance seems correct.
VI. PDF Tool and Legacy Quick Start Guide
VII. Tax Help (find a tax preparer)
VIII. Technical Support
We are available during the hours of 9 a.m. - 5 pm PST, Monday through Friday.

Please use a title that describes the topic. For example "Short Sale Discovery Process Question".