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Brokerage Import >> Analyze (Reconcile) >> Report >> Export to Tax Software

I. Mode, Date and Wash Sales Reminder

When you first visit the Tax Reports screen you may see a reminder warning regarding the current settings Mode = By Symbol, Not 365 days & Wash Sales is Off.

  • The Mode = By Symbol warning indicates the Display Mode is set to one symbol at a time. If you want all symbols then change the Display Mode. See below.
  • The Not 365 days warning indicates the calendar is not set to a standard year. If you want to change the calendar range use the Date Range, Year and Period controls. See below.
  • If the Tax Calendar has expired message appears, then tax lots after the expiration date will not appear. In this case update TAPro with a new license key. Select Help/About TradeAccountant to see the Schedule D Calendar Ends date.

  • The Wash Sales is Off warning indicates that wash sales calculations are switched off. To switch wash sales calculations on, select View/Properties/Wash Sales. See below.

II. Filtering Security Types into Specific Reports

TAPro enable you to select a report destination for each security type.  For example if you have options and stocks in one account you can still direct each type to different reports.  Also you can move trades from one account to another using Edit/Transaction(s) - Move...

To control the destination of a security type use View/Properties/Tax Reports...

III. Report Date Range and Accounts

TAPro allows you to choose the reported date range and account(s).  For example if you choose a prior year then TAPro will report trades that closed and were grouped in that year.  Use the Date Range controls for this.  Use the Account(s) controls to select one or all accounts.

IV. Schedule D, 4797 & 6781 Reports

At any time you can choose to view a tax report by selecting the Tax Reports screen.  To see the report in a standard format, select the desired Display View then select Print Preview.

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