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Features (Data Sheet):
TradeAccountant Pro (TAPro) has over 50 different features, tools and utilities that are useful for managing trade history or improving trading performance.  For more details - Click Here.


Schedule D Generation Process:
1. Import or manually enter trade history in any order. 
2. Import or manually enter trades that were open from the prior year.
3. TAPro will match trades if the opening is before the closing date/time.


License & Limits:
TAPro is an annual license.  When your license expires in 1 year you can still access your transactions. 

Our Support Promise:
Send email to  We respond to help desk question M-F, 9AM-5PM or by appointment.  If you need help preparing tax reports we can connect you with resources to do the work for you.

Our Money Back Promise:
If you purchased TAPro and can't use it to finish your Schedule D then contact us via e-mail at the address, provide your purchase reference information and we will refund your money.

Tips and Tricks:
Please take the next step and obtain the software.  As soon as it is installed you can enter or import data and click on the "Tax Report" screen to see a Schedule D.  Brokers provide data so you should not have to retype transactions.  View our supported brokers page for details specific to your broker - Click Here for Supported Brokers.

Depending on the quality of data you may need to use one of our many tools to correct the details.  Please view the videos to get an overview of specific topics like how to reconcile Options - Click Here for the list of Videos.

If your broker does not provide a quality data file then sent it to us at the support e-mail address above.  We will import the data and send it to you.

Convert Excel into a Schedule D:
If you have trade data in Excel, export it as a .CSV file then import it into TAPro to generate Tax Reports. 

TAPro can import almost any data.  Importing .OFX and .QFX are the easiest and require no thought.  .CSV/Excel files typical require some minor modifications.  Sometimes there are extra characters or some other information that creates confusion during import.

To see an ideal file format, enter one trade in TAPro then use File/Export/Transaction History to generate a file.  Then open the file in Excel and observe the format. 

When saving your Excel data remember to save it as a .CSV file.  Also before saving the file remember to change the field format of numbers to remove the "," used as a field separator for numbers.  In Excel select the columns with numbers then select Format/Cell.  Set the format to "Number".  The dialog offers a checkbox to choose if you want to use a field separator - remove the check mark.

1. Enter Trades:

Import your trades for the tax year then import or manually enter trades that were open from the prior year.  View the Supported Brokers page for help with data import.

2. Analyze your Results:

If the data is accurate and complete then you can go straight to the Tax Reports and see your results.  Otherwise use the numerous TAPro tools to correct your data.   View the Supported Brokers page for help with Analysis.

3. Schedule D Trick and Tips:

Your Schedule D is available at any time.  Select the Tax Reports screen.  If opening trades are before closing trade then TAPro will group them automatically. 

Schedule D, e-File and Tax Reports:
Generate a Schedule D on paper or as an Excel File (.csv).  Use in conjunction with tax software to e-File data.  TradeAccountant makes tax reporting easier!  Set the tax year or date range, select "Tax Reports" and reports are generated.  Use View/Properties/Tax Reports to view trades in IRS Schedule D, 4797 or 6781 format.  Or exported to leading tax software, including TurboTax® or TaxCut®, or saved as an Excel® file. 
Charts and Performance:
TradeAccountant makes data analysis easier. Use the built in charts and graphs to study your trading history. Spend some time in the lot sizing tool to fine tune your lot size selection process. Visit the market timing chart to view how well you time your trades to market changes. The data filter controls allow you to slice and view data of interest. Export history to a file for analysis with other tools.
A Trade Journal:
Transactions are displayed in a simple table for quick reference and double-click editing. TradeAccountant offers numerous filter controls. View one symbols at a time, all symbols, date ranges, periods etc..   Filters don't change the data, just the view. TradeAccountant includes many editing features including short sale discovery, duplicate discovery, decimal precision control, manual basis adjustment and more.


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