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Download TAPro for MS Windows

Version 3.6

When the download dialog opens, choose "Save"

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Installation Instructions:

Note: Periodic backups are recommended.  If you are upgrading, launch TAPro and use File/Save (Backup) as a precaution.  TAPro is designed for usage on MS Windows operating systems.

  1. Install the new version:
    - Download the new version to your computer.
    - Double click on the file to start installation.
    - Follow the instructions.

  2. Launch the new version:
    - TradeAccountant will restore and load your version 3.X data.
    - Select Helpful Advise or Reconcile Gain/Loss for guidance.
    - Also see our support page for tips and demo videos -
    Click Here
    - You can run a Tax Report as soon as data is imported.

  3. If TradeAccountant encounters Registration Confusion:
    - Launch TradeAccountant.
    - Select CTRL-R and remove the current registration information.
    - Restart TradeAccountant and enter your license key.
    - Send us email if this does not work.

  4. If the desktop short cut seems confused:
    Delete the shortcut manually.
    - Install TA again, this time select Repair.

If you experience technical difficulty, e-mail:


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