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I. Download a Transactions File:

  • Under the tradeMONSTER Account dropdown, select History.
  • At the top of the display, make sure that Type is set to All and Symbol is set to All.
  • Select Time and then choose Range from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter the range of dates for which you want transactions. If you closed positions this year that were opened last year, be sure the starting date goes back far enough to include the opening transaction.
  • After choosing the Range, hit Go. It may take a few seconds to retrieve and display your transactions.
  • When the transactions have been displayed on your screen, click on the Export icon in the top, right portion of the History screen. This may take a few seconds to generate a file if you have a lot of transactions.
  • A popup window will be displayed asking if you want to Open, Save or Cancel the file. Click on Save. Remember the file name and the folder where you saved it.

II. Import Transactions (Automatic):

Select File/Import/Transactions.

TAPro 3.7 includes an automatic import parser for this brokerage. After you select the file, TAPro expects the following fields in the file heading:

TransactionID, Date, Time,Type,Description,Strike,Type,Side,Quantity,Symbol, Price per unit,Underlier Symbol,Fee,Commission,Amount,Security Type, Expiration Date, Security Description,Open or Close,Deliverables,Market Statistics, Trade Journal notes

If automatic import is possible then the following menu appears with Automatic Import selected.

III. Import Symbols:

TAPro includes a filter for importing Symbols. This is helpful when there is not an Automatic import filter and there is a need to import transactions that include options. This is important because options have expiration dates that are used by TAPro. Also during import it is important to correctly select a type. For assistance with file import, send the data file to the support team.

  • During transactions import TAPro builds a list of unique symbols. This means there is one central place for editing symbol information.
  • To edit symbols within TAPro, select Edit/Symbol(s) - Add/Modify
  • Editing symbols is helpful in cases where you need to correct information, like an Option Expiration date. An incorrect Options Expiration date can prevent TAPro from expiring an Option.
  • You can also export symbols to a file for editing by using File/Export/Symbol Details
  • For more details or to join a dialog regarding symbol solutions, visit the TAPro Wiki and read more about file import. Click Here

IV. Import Transactions (Manual):

If automatic import is not possible then the Import menu appears and Manual Import is selected. Follow the steps in the menus that appear. The first time you manually import a file TAPro creates a profile. For assistance with file import, send the data file to the support team.

If there is an error in a manual profile that you created and TAPro attempts to use it automatically, thus causing an error, you can remove it by using File/Import/Import Rules/Profile Manager to delete the profile.

Manual import is required if a file contains new transaction types or a format that TAPro is unfamiliar with. To impove ease of import, remove exotic new transactions. For more details visit the TAPro Wiki - Click Here.

  • You can import data from almost any .csv file into TA as long as certain columns appear. Refer to the supported brokerage page for heading examples.
  • If a problem is encountered during import, make a note of the error and send an email to support along with a copy of the file.
  • When an import error appears during an automatic import attempt it is also possible to edit the file to remove the likely causes (transactions like Deposit Cash, ACH Fees, etc. then try again.

V. Enter Data Manually:

  • You can enter trades from the Transactions Screen by selecting the Add button.
  • You can Delete trades from the Transactions Screen by selecting the Delete button.

Training Videos (with voice): Click Here

TAPro Wiki - Additional Tips and Tricks: Click Here


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