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I. Sync Download Overview:


1. Enable TAPro for sync.  See the details below. 


2. Enable your account for sync download by logging into your web account and navigating to the clearing firm at least once.  This is a required step to awaken the download server.  See the details below. 



II. TradeAccountant™ Sync Setup:


  • Download and install TAPro
  • Enter "tempkey" as a temporary password
  • Select the Accounts Screen.
  • Select the Add button.  Follow the steps below.

  • Account Information:
  1. Account Information:
    Name your account by typing the name you want to call this account.  Enter any name.  Retain the default setting for "Mark-to-Market = No" unless it is anticipated for this account.  You can change this later also.  Choosing "Taxable = Yes" enables TA to select this account when you choose the filter "Account = All Taxable".  You can change this later.

  2. Financial Institution: "thinkorswim"
    Select the Financial Institution by clicking on the down arrow, then scrolling down until you see "thinkorswim", then click on the name.

  3. Account Number:  "07-12345678" (for example)
    The Account Number is your eight digit thinkorswim account number preceded by "07-".  For example: if your account number was "12345678" then you would type in "07-12345678".

  4. Enable Sync Download:  
    To enable the Username and Password fields and to indicate that TA should sync this account when the "Sync" feature is used, select this checkbox.  If you have several accounts and only want to sync one, you can modify an account later and remove the check mark from this box.  You must be connected to the internet in order to import using Sync. 

  5. Account Username/ID "07-12345678" (for example)
    The Account User/ID will be the exact same as your Account Number in step (3).  For example: if your account number was "12345678" then you would type "07-12345678".

  6. Account Password/PIN"12345678" (for example)
    : The password used for sync is not your Web password! 
    The Account Password is your social security number or tax ID (for an LLC), with out the dashes.  For example, if your social security number was
    123-45-5678, then type 12345678.

  7. Select OK.


(Note: Account setup information is masked and retained in your local copy of TAPro and only sent to the Clearing Firm's OFX server to authenticate requests for data download.)

III. Enable Your Account for Sync Download:


Sync download requires access to """.


  • Log into your TOS web account.
  • If your web username and password don't work, call support: 1-866-839-1100 ext. 3290

  • Navigate to "My Accounts/My Other Info/Penson Resources/"
  • Respond to any security questions.


  • When you see the screen below your account is enabled for sync download.  However if this is your first visit to this page you may need to allow a little more time (10mins) for some background setup steps to complete before sync works.




If your security settings prevents access then review these steps to modify the security setting of Internet Explorer and allow access to their download site. - Click Here


Congratulations setup is finished!  You are now ready to download.  To add additional accounts, select the Add button in the Accounts Screen and repeat these step.  Or continue to the Import instructions for additional suggestions - Click Here

Setup >> Import >> Analyze >> Reports >> Export to 3rd Party Tax Software

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