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I. Sync Import:


Download the current year plus enough of the prior year to find opening trades for trades currently in your account.  You can import trades in any order.  TAPro will match your closing trades using FIFO (First In, First Out).  If you add an earlier trade TAPro will automatically change the matching order unless lock the group.


To control the date range of data import select "Sync/Change Sync Date Range" from the main menu bar.  If you import the same range again this is ok.  TAPro will recognize identical trades and save them in a file for review.


When ready select the Account screen and select the sync button.  The reason to select the account screen is because if you are on the transactions screen then TA will also update the display periodically, which delays the import.






Select an appropriate Sync Range:


Manual Sync Date Range:

During tax season when servers are busy or if you have more than "1,000" trades you might consider selecting a narrow range (for example the prior year).  If you select sync twice for the same date range TA will save duplicate trades (trades that have already been imported) to a file for your review.


Automatic Sync Date Range: 

After the bulk of data has been imported then change the setting to Automatic so that TA can manage the date range.  Each time you select "Sync" TA will request trades from the last sync request until the current date.  This is why you may want to avoid starting with Automatic for your first sync.  If you start with Automatic mode then TA will request several years of data during the first request.  This could be too much data and cause the server to time out.


If sync is not successful TA will display a message indicating why sync was not successful. 


If you encounter a timeout then reduce the date range using the steps above.


If you receive a Username/Password error then return to the Accounts screen and select the Modify button.  Review your settings. 


If you still are not successful, please send email to and indicate the content of the error message.


The Sync Download Steps:

  • Select Sync (from the Accounts Screen). 

  • TAPro contacts the site and wait for a response.

  • The performance of the download process depends on the time of day, the number of users accessing the shared server and the speed of your internet connection.  For this reason we recommend a first download early in the tax season and during off-peak hours.

  • After the response is received, it is processed by the receiving server.  The first check is for a valid Username/Password.

  • After processing, TAPro starts a search for Cancelled Trades.  The performance of the Canceled Trades process depends on the total number of transactions.

  • Such trade are saved to a file. 

  • Allow the process to finish.  If you are working on something else and your system seems quiet, it might have finished and there is a buried menu waiting for your reply.  Look at the task bar.  If more than one TAPro task appears, then inspect them to see if TAPro is waiting for your reply.



II. Import Data From a File:

You can download a .OFX/.QFX "Money/Quicken" file and import it.  This file is adjusted for cancelled trades.  Below is where you can obtain this file.  For more details visit the supported brokers page - Click Here


  • Log into your account.
  • Navigate to "My Accounts/My Other Info/Penson Resources/"


  • Select "Data Download", provide a date range then click "Download to Money".  Follow the instructions and save the file to your computer.



When download is complete use File/Import/File to load the data.


You can also import a .QIF or .CSV but each are a bit more work.  View our training videos for more details - Click Here


To import a file select File/Import/File:



There are a variety of different file formats and layouts.  The TAPro import utility is flexible.  When you start an import select the file that you want to import and TAPro will determine if it needs guidance.  If guidance is needed then follow the steps in the menus that appear. 


At the beginning of the process create a new profile name or select an existing profile.  TAPro will attempt to reuse this profile for each import.  If the profile is incorrect then to remove a profile select "Import Rules/Profile Manager" from the File/Import menu. 



III. Enter Data Manually:

You can manually modify or enter trades from the Transaction Screen by selecting the "Add" button.


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