I. Enable Your Account for Sync Download

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Look for a link similar to "Account Details" or "Account History or "Clearing Firm" or "Clearing Firm Links".
  3. Reply to the questions.
  4. When finished wait about 5 mins. for the process to update the server tables with credentials that recognize TradeAccountant.

II. TradeAccountant™ Setup

  • Select the Accounts Screen.
  • Select the Add button.
  • Enter your account information.

Account Setup Details:

  1. Enter any name to label the account.
  2. Select "Penson" for the financial institution.
  3. For Account Number append "07-" to your 8 digit account number.  For example: "07-12345678".
  4. Select the "Enable Sync Download" checkbox.
  5. For Account Username, enter your account number: "07-12345678"
  6. For Password, enter your Social Security Number with no dashes, for example enter 123-45-6789 as: "123456789"
  7. Select OK to save the results

III. Import Your Data

About the Sync Process:

Although this process saves numerous steps there is benefit in understanding what happens.  A few decisions on your part can save time.


The Enable Sync Download Step:

If this is the first Sync download request, the server may require initialization.  Follow the "Enable Sync Download" step above.  If the server is busy (like during the peaks of tax season) allow a bit more time for the server to finish its process.  The exact time is unknowable.


The First Sync Download:

The first download requests a large date range.  The download time required depends on the amount of data.  If the request is too large and the server is busy then the process might time-out.


To reduce the amount of data in a request, change the date range of the request.  From the Sync menu, Sync/Change Date Range. Select "Manuel" Sync mode and reduce the number of days requested.  When finished return to this menu and change the setting to Automatic.


The Sync Download Steps:

  • Select Sync (from any of the places offered). 

  • TradeAccountant will contact the site and wait for a response.

  • The performance of the download process depends on the time of day, the number of users accessing the shared server and the speed of your internet connection.  For this reason we recommend your first download early in the tax season and during off-peak hours.

  • After the response is received, it is processed.  The first check is for a valid Username/Password.

  • After processing, TradeAccountant starts a search for Cancelled Trades.  The performance of the Canceled Trades process depends on the total number of transactions.

  • Such trade are saved to a file.  We welcome your comments because we will need to continue fine tuning these complex steps.  Plus we need to fine tune details associated with security types.  With your support we can continue to automate these details.

  • Allow the process to finish.  If you are working on something else and your system seems quiet, it might have finished and there is a buried menu waiting for your reply.  Look at the task bar.  If more than one TradeAccountant task appears, then inspect them to see if TradeAccountant is waiting for your reply.

Importing a File:

You can download a "Money" file and import it.  This file is adjusted for cancelled trades.  It is the easiest file to import because there is enough information to guide the necessary decisions.


You can also import a .QIF or .CSV but each are a bit more work.  View our training videos for more details - Click Here

IV. Recent Support Issues (revised 01/30/2007):

Username/Password Error:

In January there was an issue with Sync import that resulted in a Username/Password error.  The team has resolved the issue!  If you encounter this error after following the above instructions please send e-mail to the address below so we can investigate. 


Time-Out Error:

If your download times out it is because the server is to busy for the size request.  See "The First Sync Download" instructions above.


Schedule D Sales does not match my 1099 Sales:

There can be numerous reasons for this.  TradeAccountant automatically matches Opening trades with Closing trades and allows you to match specific trades (see Groups Menu/Manual Groups) but there are typically issues with the data.  TradeAccountant has many tools that allow you to examine and reconcile your transaction data to generate an accurate Schedule D.  Select the Tools menu or select "Reconcile Gain/Loss" from the banner.  Also view the training videos for more details - Click Here


Send e-mail if you encounter any problems.


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