TradeAccountant™, a point & click desktop schedule D tool with wash-sale

Account Setup Instructions
For TD Waterhouse


Obtain Your Account Information

To enable your TD Waterhouse account for the TradeAccountant™ one-click sync functionality, you must obtain a customer ID and PIN from the TD Waterhouse support. When contacting the support, ask for the download setup for MS Money.

TradeAccountant™ Setup

To setup TradeAccountant™ for one-click sync download, you will need to create your account profile. The following steps will guide you through the process:

  1. Within the TradeAccountant™ Accounts page, select the Add button to enter your account profile.

  2. Enter your account information into the account properties dialog box.

    (1) Select "TDWaterhouse" for the financial institution.
    (2) Enter any name to label this account.
    (3) Leave the sync schedule as its default value.
    (4) Enter your account number.
    (5) Enter your customer ID.
    (6) Enter your PIN.

  3. After you have created your account profile, you are ready to download your transaction history data into the TradeAccountant™ through its one-click sync feature.

Download Your Data

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