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Setup (for Sync Import):



A. Confirm Your Username & Password


The following configuration is required on the Schwab to enable download to TAPro.


  • TAPro uses the same Username as your web login. 

  • TAPro uses the same Password/PIN as your web login.

  • If your credentials don't work, call Schwab at 800-435-4000 to request a user ID and password that will enable Schwab account information downloads.

  • If you have already have a user ID and password, call 888-327-7778 with questions.


B. To Change Your Username or Password


  • Log into your account.

  • Navigate to "At a Glance / My Profile"




  • Scroll down to the Access and Account List

  • Choose one of the "change" hyperlinks"



  • When creating a new User ID or Password keep the following in mind.

When creating a Login/ID or Password/PIN follow the character limit rules.  Otherwise, without warning, the process will truncate characters that exceed the limit causing you to think a longer definition was accepted when actually extra characters were truncated.  This can result in an "Username/Password Error" during the TAPro sync process.  For example, if you entered a 9 character Password, the Schwab system accepts only 8 characters, you then enter 9 characters into TAPro and those 9 characters fail to match the actual 8 characters retained on the Schwab site.


C. TradeAccountant™ Setup


  • Download TAPro Now! - Click Here

  • Use this temporary keyschwab


  • Select the Accounts Screen.

  • Select the Add button to display the dialog below.

  • If you don't plan to use Sync then skip steps 3 - 6.



  • Fill in the Dialog:

  1. Name The Account:     Choose any name.

  2. Financial Institution:    "schwab".

  3. Account Number:        "1234-5678" format (include the dash "-")

  4. Enable Sync Download: Select the checkbox.

  5. Account Username:        Account Number, use the number in step 3.

  6. Password:                   see above

  7. Select OK to save the results.

    (Note: Password information is masked and retained in your local copy of TAPro and only sent to the Clearing Firm's OFX server to authenticate requests for data download.)

D. Analysis and Reporting Tips


You may want to limit your first download to the last tax year so there is less data to work with.  For best results, browse the "Import" information below. 

Setup >> Import >> Analyze >> Reports >> Export to 3rd Party Tax Software

Training Videos (with voice): Click Here

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