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I. TradeAccountant™ Setup


  • Download and install TAPro - Click Here

  • Use this temporary key tempkey

  • Select the Accounts Screen.

  • Select the Add button to display the dialog below.

  • If you don't plan to use Sync then skip steps 3 - 6.



  • Fill in the Dialog:

  1. Name The Account:        Enter any name.

  2. Financial Institution:       "penson".

  3. Account Number:           "07-12345678" format
    Use the number indicated in the step above.  Remember to keep the "07-" appended to your 8 digit account number.

  4. Enable Sync Download:   Select the checkbox.

  5. Account Username:          Account Number (from above).

  6. Password:                    See "Confirm Your Password" above.

  7. Select OK.

    (Note: This information is masked and retained in your local copy of TAPro and only sent to the Clearing Firm's OFX server to authenticate requests for data download.)

II. Confirm Your Account Number & Username.


The path to the Penson site and the specific services offered depends on the retail brokerage agreement in place.  Here is the general idea.  Specific instructions are available for brokers we current work with.


  • Log into your brokerage account.

  • Navigate to Penson (look for Penson, Clearing Firm or Accounting Details).

  • Respond to any security questions that appear.  The process lands on the Penson site.

  • Select: Account Information /Customer Info.



  • Review "Customer Info" .... 

  • Your Account Number begins with 07, it is near the top of the page.

  • Your Username = User ID, it is near the bottom of the page.





III. Confirm Your Password


Your Password depends on the type of account you have:

  • If User ID begins with "AUTOGEN*" (see near bottom of the page)
    then Password = Tax ID (a Social Security Number).

  • If User ID is a name
    then you have a custom password.  If you forgot your password then contact support. 



IV. Analysis and Reporting Tips


For best results, browse the "Import" information below.  You may want to limit your first download to the last tax year so there is less data to work with.  Select one of the topics below:




Training Videos (with voice): Click Here

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