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A. Find Your Account Number & Enable Download


  • Log-in to your account.
  • Navigate to "Account/Profile."

  • Select "Personal."
  • Note your "User Name"
  • To change your User Name or Password, use this screen.

  • Select "Trading & Web Site Preferences."
  • Note your Account Number
  • Select the "Site Access Via Software/XML API" check box.
  • If your username and password don't work, contact support.



B. TradeAccountant™ Setup


  • Download TAPro Now! - Click Here

  • Use this temporary keyoptionsxpress


  • Select the Accounts Screen.

  • Select the Add button to display the dialog below.

  • If you don't plan to use Sync then skip steps 3 - 6.



  • Fill in the Dialog:

  1. Name The Account:     Choose any name.

  2. Financial Institution:    "optionsxpress".

  3. Account Number:         1234-5678 format with dash (See above).

  4. Enable Sync Download: Select the checkbox.

  5. Account Username:        Your Web Username (See above).

  6. Password:                   Your Web Password (See above).

  7. Select OK to save the results.

    (Note: This information is masked and retained in your local copy of TAPro and only sent to the Clearing Firm's OFX server to authenticate requests for data download.)

C. Analysis and Reporting Tips

Select one of the topics below:

Training Videos (with voice): Click Here

Delete the Paperwork. Hit Send.


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