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I. Import Data From a File:


A. Get TAPro Ready for a .OFX File Download.


Use this step to setup TAPro so it attempts to directly import .OFX file types.  Otherwise save the file and load it using File/Import. 


  • Within TAPro, select "View/Properties"





  • Within TAPro, select "Associated File Types"

  • Select the check boxes for "Import .QIF, QFX and OFX", this enables TAPro to directly receive the file during the download process.

  • Select "OK"

  • Leave TAPro open so it can receive the file download.




B. Download the File.


  • Log into your account.

  • Look for Tax Tools, Transaction History or Data Download

  • Determine the download file types supported.

  • Select an appropriate data range. 
    - Select From: 01/01/YYYY
    - Select To:     12/31/YYYY

  • For an overview of file import - Click Here

  • If trades were open from a prior year then also download a file for that period.

  • In addition download data for the first month of the new year.



C. Import the File.


  • If you download a .OFX file, a dialog similar to the following may appear.



  • Select TradeAccountantPro from the dialog and follow the instructions.


  • Alternatively, if TradeAccountantPro does not appear in the list then select
    "Save to Disk".  Then open TAPro and choose File/Import/File.





D. Alternative Imports - TAB or Comma Delimited



If you select an Excel file the follow the brokers instructions for downloading the file.  The TAPro import utility is flexible.  Use Excel to open the file and save it as "tab delimited."  Then during the import process select "Tab" as the delimiter of the data.


When you start an import select the file that you want to import and TAPro will determine if it needs guidance.  If guidance is needed then follow the steps in the menus that appear.  At the beginning of the process create a new profile name or select an existing profile.  TAPro will attempt to reuse this profile for each import of the same type file to the same account in TAPro.


If there is an error in your profile you may need to select the Edit check box during the import process so you can make changes.  To remove a profile select "Import Rules/Profile Manager" from the File/Import menu. 



II. Enter Data Manually:


You can manually enter trades from the Transaction Screen by selecting the "Add" button.



Setup >> Import >> Analyze >> Reports >> Export to 3rd Party Tax Software


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