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I. TradeAccountant™ Account Setup

  • Download and install TAPro: Click Here
  • Use this temporary key: tempkey
  • Select the Accounts Screen.
  • Select the Add button to display the Add Account Information dialog.

  • Fill in the Dialog:
  1. Name The Account:       Enter any name
  2. Financial Institution:      Etrade
  3. Account Number:          12345678bob (If Account Info = 1234-5678 bob)
  4. Enable Sync Download:  Select the Check Box to enable field 5 & 6
  5. Account Username:       Same as web username
  6. Password:                   Same as web password
  7. Select                        OK
  • Tax ID: not required (This is optional.)
  • Mark-to-Market: No (This is default, for details see Edit/Mark to Market.)
  • Taxable: Yes (This is default and used by the Account filter.)
  • Currency: USD (This is default and determines the currency of all views. Trades have their own transaction currency. For example you can enter a trade with a currency in Euro and then provide an FX (Foreign Exchange) ratio for EURO to USD and TA will display the Amount in USD. The Currency is set for all accounts in TA when you create the first account and is locked after that. You can save your current set of accounts using File/Save As, then create a new set of accounts using File/New and then change the currency when creating the first account. If you need more flexibility then contact our team using the support site. We can negotiate a custom solution to better meet your needs.)

II. Sync your account to import data

Account setup is complete. Select the Sync button that appears on the Accounts page. If you encounter an error read the message and correct what is needed. Because sync might be limited to the last few months of data, you may need to use the import feature to add older transactions that are not available using sync. In TA, Password information is masked and retained in your local copy of TAPro and only sent to the brokerage's OFX server to authenticate requests for data download.

To confirm your account number, visit this page on the brokerage site:

Training Videos (with voice): Click Here


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