1         Introduction

When MS Money is installed on a computer it may attempt to capture all QIF files during the download process.  This document describes how to prevent Microsoft Money from automatically capturing QIF files.  This will allow the user to choose where to save the QIF file.

2         Procedure

2.1      Open (double click) the “My Computer” Icon on the desktop.  In this example the name of the computer is Timothy.


2.2      Within the menu select tools then “folder Options”


2.3      Within the “Folder Options” dialog box, select “File Types” and locate the type “QIF” within the list of  “Extensions”.


2.4      Within the “Details for ‘QIF’ extension” area of the previous menu, select “Advanced”.  Within the “Edit File Type” dialog box place a check mark in the box next to “Confirm open after download”.


2.5      Select “OK” to confirm the change.  Within the “Folder Options” dialog box, select “Close” to close the box.

3         Summary

This completes the configuration change.  Try downloading a QIF file again. 


In the future, when the operating systems asks you if you always want to open a certain file type with a particular application be cautious.  The answer to this question could restore the previous troublesome setting.